SSMI® Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CMBB)Programme Certification Requirements

(Must be completed within 24 months)

1. Knowledge Requirements (Part I) :    

You will be issued access to SSMI Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge (, designed and developed by Dr. Mikel J Harry - Principal architect of Six Sigma. This access will be valid for 24 months, and you must complete the 21 module assessments and the training project as part of the programme requirements. The pass mark for each module exam is 70%, and you are given three attempts for each module exam. Module exams have no time limit, and you can take them at your own pace (Questions are MCQ based and only one correct answer per question). This requirement is exempted if you are already a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt by SSMI.

2. Knowledge Requirements (Part II): 

Completion of 80 hours of MBB development training. These sessions will be conducted live in Colombo, Sri Lanka and live-streamed for the participants residing outside Sri Lanka who cannot attend the sessions. Strictly no recordings of the sessions will be shared. Therefore, you must be present for all the sessions. Post the live sessions; there will be two Knowledge assessments. These assessments will be timed but open book. The pass mark for these assessments will be 70%. Once the live sessions start, you will be issued SSMI Asia LMS access ( to access the training material used in the live sessions.

The planned programme dates are as follows:

1st to 5th August 2022 (5 consecutive days):  9 am till 6 pm

8th to 12th August 2022 (5 consecutive days): 9 am till 6 pm

Resource Persons: 

  • Prof. Ashok Sarkar
  • Dumidu Ranaweera CEMBB
  • Sandra Harry CEMBB

Prerequisites: All candidates must sign a non-disclosure agreement on the training content shared before participating in this session and have Minitab Version 18 or later, MS Office installed in their machines.

3. Application and Project Coaching Requirements

As part of the certification requirements, you must submit 3 MBB level projects undertaken by you and two projects (Black Belt level) mentored by you within 24 months from enrollment for the programme (you are not allowed to submit past projects). All projects should score 70% or more against the SSMI evaluation criteria. The project storyboard and the evaluation scheme will be shared.

4. Training Requirements

As an MBB, you must demonstrate the ability to train the next generation of Lean Six Sigma practitioners. Therefore, you must showcase 120 hours of Lean Six Sigma training based on the SSMI Body of Knowledge. These training programmes should be completed only after Part I of the Knowledge requirements.  All training slides (PowerPoint), min. 60 mins video of the training each day and recorded participant feedback must be submitted as evidence to complete this requirement.

5. Publishing a Paper

You are required to at least submit one Paper on a selected topic discussed during the programme with a minimum of 4500 words as part of your certification process within the next 24 months. The Paper is required to be accepted by SSMI and will be published by the institute. The font to be used will be Arial, Line Spacing 1.5, Referencing Style APA 7.0., Headings size is 14 and body text size is 12.

6. Presentation of the Paper at an Industry Accepted Conference

Once the Paper is approved, SSMI will organize a conference or an event (virtual or physical) for all the MBB candidates to present their papers. However, if a candidate wishes to present the paper at a conference of his choice, he or she must verify the validity of the conference against these requirements with the Executive Master Black Belt.

7. Recommendation Letter from the Organisation (Applicable only for Sponsored Candidates)

A letter of recommendation signed by the CEO or the Lean Six Sigma Programme Champion stating the candidate has met the expected outcome of the organization being part of this programme, and there is no obligation for certifying the candidate as an SSMI Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

SSMI Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification (CMBB)

Upon completion of the requirements (As soon as the above requirements are met), the SSMI Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification will be issued to the candidate by Dr. Mikel J Harry Six Sigma Management Institute. All successful candidates will be eligible to work as partners, trainers, consultants or as faculty with SSMI® 

Next Programme will Commence on

4th August, 2025 at 0900h SLST (GMT+5.30)

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MBB Development Programme

Knowledge Requirements (Part II)

    1. SSMI® Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Programme - Terms & Conditions

    2. Introduction to Dr. Mikel J Harry® Six Sigma Management Institute® Asia

    3. Let us understand your expectations better

    4. Best Wishes for 2022 from SSMI Global Family...

    5. Links to join the WhatsApp Group and the Social media Platforms

    6. MindPro Learning Management System Version 4.0

    7. Access MindPro Learning Management System -

    8. SSMI Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge Comparison (MindPro - Online Coursework)

    9. Recommended Text : Practitioners' Guide to Statistics and Lean Six Sigma for Process Improvements - MIkel Harry

    10. Pre-requisites | Request for Trial Software Licenses

    11. Uploading your Lean Six Sigma Credentials in Linked in

    1. Additional Reference : How Toyota Changed The Way We Make Things | Source; Bloomberg

    2. Additional Reference : W. Edwards Deming - Rare Full-Length Interview - February 1984

    3. Additional Reference : Highlights from Juran on Quality Leadership

    4. Additional Reference: Triumph of the Lean Production System - John Krafcik

    5. Additional Reference: The Machine That Changed the World

    1. The Chronological History of Six Sigma

    2. Additional Reference: Six Sigma : The Breakthrough Management Strategy Revolutionizing World's Top Corporations

    3. The Great Discovery Novel (4th Generation of Six Sigma)

    4. Additional Reference: Lean Six Sigma: Combining Six Sigma Quality with Lean Production Speed

    5. The Lean Six Sigma Song

    6. Additional Reference : Statistical Analysis with Excel (Dummies Series)

    7. Z Calculation & Cumulative Probability Explanation - File used in the Class

    8. Free eBook - Resolving the Mysteries of Six Sigma

    9. Sigma XL Version 9.0 - Trial (Windows)

    10. Meet Minitab 21 - Getting Started Guide from Minitab

    1. 01. SSMI LSS Master Black Belt Programme Introduction

    2. 02. Historical Brief on Lean, Six Sigma & Lean Six Sigma

    3. 03. Calculating Z (Sigma) Value & Anatomy of Defect Opportunity

    4. 04. DMAIC Overview

    5. 05. Insight to Variation

    6. 06. Probability Distribution & Central Limit Theorum

    7. 07. Process Stability Assessment

    8. 08. Process Capability Overview

    9. 09. SLA Baselining

    10. 10. Data Transformations

    11. 11. Sampling

    12. 12. Sample Size Selection

    13. 13. Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

    14. 14. Data Summarisation

    15. 15. Hypothesis Testing Overview

    16. 16. Hypothesis Testing of Means & ANOVA

    17. 17. Hypothesis Testing of Variances

    18. 18. Hypothesis Testing of Proportions (Defects)

    19. 19. Non Parametric Testing

    20. 20. Correlation & Regression

    21. 21. Multiple Regression

    22. 22. Logistic Regression

    23. 23. Estimation (Confidence Intervals)

    24. 24. Business Forecasting

    25. 25. Design of Experiments (DoE)

    26. 26. Fractional Factorial Experiments using Taguchi Methods

    27. 27. Design and Analysis of Mixture Experiments.pdf

    28. 28. Response Surface Methods (RSM)

    29. 29. Multivariate Analysis

    30. 30. Simulation (using Oracle Crystal Ball)

    31. 31. Classification & Regression Trees (CART)

    32. 32. Cluster Analysis

    33. 33. Conjoint Analysis

    34. 34. Reliability Assurance in Design

    35. 35. Parameter Design

    36. 36. Waiting Line Models

    37. 37. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

    38. MBB Programme Revision held on 16th March, 2024 from 10 am till 1 pm by Prof. Ashok Sarkar

    1. Day 03 Support Files

    2. Day 04 Support Files

    3. Day 05 Support Files

    4. Day 07 Support Files

    5. Day 08 Support Files

    6. Forecasting: Principles and Practice - Online E-Book

    7. Links for Installing R and R Studio

    8. Beginning Data Science in R_ Data Analysis, Visualization, and Modelling for the Data Scientist (E-Book)

    9. Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies (E-Book)

    10. Data Visualization and Exploration with R A Practical Guide to Using R RStudio and Tidyverse for Data Visualization Exploration and Data Science Application (E-Book)

    1. SSMI LSS MBB Assignment | Deadline 31st August 2022

About this course

  • 87 lessons

Programme Director

Programme Instructor Dumidu Ranaweera, CEMBB | Global Director - SSMI APAC , Middle East, Africa & Oceania

One of the well-known resources in the field of "Lean Six Sigma" (referred to as the Lean Six Sigma Guru of Sri Lanka” by print media) and "Organizational Excellence" in the region and has been personally endorsed by the principal architect of Six Sigma Dr Mikel J. Harry is one of the best resources available on "Six Sigma". He is featured frequently as a Keynote Speaker/ Chief Guest/Award Judge in many international and local conferences/forums (i.e., Japan, USA, Singapore, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Maldives, Netherlands, etc.) and carries extensive expertise relating to Organizational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma. During his illustrative career, Dumidu has been recognized by many industry forums and associations. These include Lean Six Sigma Coaching Excellence Medal by SSMI USA, Karma veer Chakra Silver Award by REX in association with the United Nations, 'The Business Leader of the Year 2017 & 2019' Awards during Sri Lanka Quality Leadership Awards, 'Hall of Fame Award' during Asia Training & Leadership Awards 2019 and in Sri Lanka in 2017, IT-BPO Young Outstanding Professional Sri Lanka Award from ICTA, Distinguished Industry Achievement Award from IEOM in 2021 etc. He is also the first individual outside the USA to be awarded the 'Executive Master Black Belt' status by the late Prof. Mikel J. Harry was recently listed under the "101 Most Fabulous Global Training & Development Leaders" at the World Training and Development Congress 2020. He currently works as an Advisor/ Consultant for three leading universities in Sri Lanka and was responsible for re-designing the curriculum of the Quality Management Degree and the Business Process Management degree offered by SLIIT and the University of Moratuwa, respectively. In 2017, Dumidu introduced Lean Six Sigma methodology to Maldives with HR Maldives. Dumidu has guided over 500+ manufacturing and service organizations across 11 countries in their organizational excellence journey and is known for his avid skills in Lean Six Sigma deployment and credentials in multiple business disciplines. During the 22+ span of his career, he has mentored over 1000+ process excellence projects across various domains and trained over 40,000+ resources, including over 1000 Black Belts /Master Black Belts. He has also been responsible for award-winning Organizational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma deployment programmes and implementing management systems in novel domains. Apart from EMBB certification from SSMI, he also holds three Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certifications from BMG University, Indian Statistical Institute & Dialog Axiata, Black Belt certifications from ASQ & Motorola University and Lean Practitioner certification from BMGI. His other credentials include, MBA with Merit (USJ-PIM), BBA (Colombo), DQM(SLSI), ASQ CQE, ASQ CMQ/OE, ASQ CQA, IASSC ATA, Lean Bronze, Lead Auditor ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS & ISO 27001 ISMS, Certified TPM Facilitator (CII, JIPM, TPM Club), PMP, PGDM (CIM-UK), ACMA (CIMA-UK), FCMA (CMA-SL), Senior member ASQ, Council member SLAAQP, HMM (Harvard) & NDHRM (IPM) etc. Dumidu is also currently reading for his Doctorate in Business Administration. LinkedIn: Personal Website: